Some of you may want to venture far, far away from the cold in the winter, but for those of you that love the snow & holiday dreaminess, you may be into this week’s destination: Lapland, Finland!

Learn: Lapland is the northernmost province of Finland, meaning it is quite cold this time of year (that may be an understatement). But it is one of the best places & times to view the Aurora Borealis and a serene landscape, if you can brave the cold! If you want to wait for it to thaw out a bit, Lapland transforms into an unbeatable outdoor paradise between the months of February and November.

Fun Fact: Lapland is famous for its visits to see Joulupukki, or Santa Claus, as many of us know him.

Activities: Skiing, hiking, river boating, fishing, camping viewing the midnight sun, and taking a reindeer sleigh ride! (The picture below is what a hike may look like during the winter!)