Sometimes you really don’t want to spend all day on your feet and you are going on a vacation to get away from all of the people, business, and learning. You’d like to lay on a beach all day, or board a cruise ship, and not think about anything else for the next 5-7 days. Let’s talk. There are some pretty wonderful Alaskan, Norwegian, East Asian, African, whatever-you’d-like cruises out there and there are tons of beaches waiting for you to rent a lounge chair and offer you a drink. We can even rent you a little home in the middle-of-nowhere Spain where you can explore at your own pace and feel exempt from the pressures of city-life. Let’s find a place to relax.



Worry-Free Back_Deck

Rent a cabin in the national park of your choice

Worry-Free Hammock beach

Hammock on a beach? Probably nothing more relaxing than this.

Worry-Free Playa pool

Float in the pool or in the sea!