Dates of travel: July 21-25, 2017

Your Experience: We were in contact with the resort’s general manager and the tour desk manager several months before the trip The rooms were clean and quite comfortable, both in size and appointments. The staff were friendly and accommodating to all reasonable requests and several of them went well out of their way to make sure we were all enjoying ourselves. Without being asked, the dining staff made special seating arrangements for our whole group of 16 to eat together at every dinner. Food and drink were plentiful at all meals, with a wide array of choices. (Our group included some vegetarians and vegans and they were also quite satisfied.) The beach was beautiful and there were plenty of lounge chairs (although, admittedly, we were there during the off-season). The free snorkeling and kayaking were nice added features. While this may not be the most elegant resort I have visited, it is clearly one of the best values for the price and one I would easily visit again.

What did you love? In general, the beach was beautiful. Food was plentiful with good variety. Rooms were comfortable and clean.The particular arrangement we made through My World was for a yoga instructor to come to the hotel and lead a private class for seven members of our group. That activity worked perfectly and was a perfect way for a part of our group to start their day.

What would you do differently? Although the resort was very suitable for this trip, Antigua is reported to have a lot of good restaurants.  I might not stay at an all-inclusive next time in order to sample some of them.

Michael Cuyjet & Family

Destination: Halcyon Resort, Antigua

Dates of travel: July 6-12, 2017

Your Experience: Katie from My World Travel helped us plan our honeymoon adventure to Cancun, Mexico and it truly couldn’t have been better! She dealt with all the travel booking details, in-resort spa appointments, and even activity items like securing private beach cabanas with butlered food and drink service. It was BREATHTAKING!!!

What did you love? We loved everything! From super easy travel plans to our phenomenal rooms with amazing views, Katie from My World Travel truly had us covered. I loved the pre-trip itinerary she sent us and her consistent availability if we ran into questions or issues.

What would you do differently? As far as Cancun goes, I’d do it exactly the way we did — skip those money-pit tours and really enjoy the spectacular facilities you already paid for!

Abby Page Varner

Destination: Cancun, Mexico

Dates of travel: June 22-July 7, 2017

Your Experience: Katie made planning for the trip simple, easy, and fun! My wife and I had Katie help us plan our perfect honeymoon. She helped us every step of the way from finding places to stay, must-see sites, coordinating the travelling logistics, and more. We had to operate within a budget and she was able to find everything we wanted without feeling like we had to make any sacrifices in luxury over cost.

What did you love? Everything! The process was so smooth and any questions we had were answered promptly. We also greatly appreciated the itinerary folder she prepared for us with all the travel details and key contact information to all our destinations.

What would you do differently? Katie suggested several wonderful excursions to look into for our trip that we didn’t book early. We had decided to hold off until we were there. We ended up going on several of her suggestions and they were fantastic but booking them on premises was more expensive than had we had purchased them when she had suggested them!

Maja & Justin Kaderi

Destination: Bali & Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Dates of travel: June 5-12, 2017

Your Experience: Over-all our travel experience to Costa Rica was pretty great. Ben and I learned so much, saw so many beautiful things and people. The trip was definitely an adventure. There is so much to do and see in Costa Rica!

What did you love? The local people were EXTREMELY friendly and helpful. I felt safe during our entire stay. The views from our resort were stunning. We took an ATV ride to a near-by beach with white sands looking out to Flamingo Bay – freaking beautiful! I wish we could have rented one of the few little houses that were on this beach (Pinka Beach is what it was called, I think). The beach also had a great view of Michael Jordan’s home – pretty cool!

Our first excursion was to see the Arenal Volcano. Super long trip to get there, but totally worth it! It was an amazing sight to see! We were able to have an authentic Costa Rican breakfast and lunch, walk through the rain forest near the volcano, see some wild life and take a dip in a natural hot spring. It was quite an adventure!

The second excursion was to Nicaragua. Another long trip, but again – TOTALLY WORTH IT! I lost track of how many volcanoes we saw. All unique with breath-taking views. My favorite was the Masaya Volcano. The crater was huge and we even got to see some lava! We were able to experience the Masaya Market and do some shopping and had a delicious Nicaraguan lunch. We ventured into the city of Granada and saw the second largest Cathedral in country. It was a piece of art – Ben and I walked around and re-said our wedding vows to one another in the church. So sweet! We took a river boat cruise (in the rain – boo!) to see Monkey Island. It was pretty cool!

Our resort was located next to a wildlife preserve. We were able to see some amazing animals, up close and personal. The lookout from the facility down to our resort, overlooking the Pacific Ocean was incredible!

What would you do differently? I was not the biggest fan of the Riu Resort. I would definitely pay extra money to be in a resort with finer dining and less children.

Anna & Ben Lundy

Destination: Flamingo Bay, Costa Rica

Dates of travel: May 22-31, 2017

Your Experience: We had a fantastic experience with this travel service. It made our honeymoon so relaxing and calm knowing that our transportation to and around Greece and our accommodations were all taken care of. I would definitely use this service again for international travel.

What did you love? Itinerary was very organized, tickets for air travel and ferries were all in one place, and our agent, Katie, was so helpful every step of the way. She even communicated with our hotels and accommodations that it was our honeymoon, and they had special welcome gifts waiting for us.

The Petasos hotel in Mykonos was perfect for being pampered.
Pyrgos santorini was great. Although there is very little bus info.
Santos wines for winetasting should be recommended to all. It is in Pyrgos and gives you a view of the whole bay while you wine taste. The kathoumi restaurant in pyrgos was the best food we had on the trip.

The Athens Hotel ‘Central Hotel’ was in a great location to walk to all places of significance. Good value for money but no frills.

What would you do differently? Nothing! Would stay longer so we can see more places.

Laurin & Mark Brimble

Destination: Mykonos, Santorini & Athens, Greece

Dates of travel: February 4-15, 2017

Your Experience: My wife and I were planning our honeymoon and we quickly discovered that planning a honeymoon was incredibly overwhelming for us. So we contacted My World Travel, and Katie was not only willing to help, but excited about it. From sending us destinations within our budget and tweaking certain details that we were interested in, Katie made it happen.

What did you love? We loved how thorough Katie was and her enthusiasm for our trip. She gave us great tips and hints about what to take and what not to. She reached out to the resort with any questions we had and made sure to answer all our questions in a timely manner.

What would you do differently? We would probably be more specific in our wants and needs. We were pretty general about what we wanted to do, but my wife and I had never been on a trip like this. It was a learning process and there is no doubt that we’ll use My World Travel again.

Caitlin & Atticus Zellers

Destination: Moorea, French Polynesia

Dates of travel: January 2-8, 2017

Your Experience: What a wonderful experience to have Katie put together an itinerary that helped us with our travels.

What did you love? Loved the itinerary, it really helped. Your suggestions were spot on we tried just about all of them.

What would you do differently? Nothing……….it was great. The tour with Larry at Mint Julep was the absolute icing on the cake. Loved every minute of it!!!!!

Jackie Jones

Destination: Louisville, KY

Dates of travel: December 26, 2016 – January 2, 2017

Your Experience: Wow!! I experienced culture, food, wine, music, hiking, history, and gained memories I’ll never forget. Traveling solo was not scary until I had a very brief “oh shit” moment on my flight to my connection before Lisbon. 10 deep breaths and I was ready. I knew the trip would be memorable, but it was epic! Traveling solo opened my mind to so much more, opened my ability to meet more people, and have experiences I would not have had if I was not solo. Was it eat, pray, love? Maybe a bit, but it was my own version of eat, pray, love.

What did you love? The people, seafood, ease of getting around, no language barrier and the diversity

What would you do differently? Stayed longer! May have added another Algarve destination to include a ferry ride to Morocco.

Andrea Hamblen

Destination: Lisbon & Lagos, Portugal

Dates of travel: December 17-23, 2016

Your Experience: We had a great time – it’s a super easy and mostly affordable island to navigate. The VRBO was excellent!

What did you love? The ease of travel around the island

What would you do differently? Have My World Travel build data sheets and have those available to all clients. The biggest thing that was missing was the time zone difference.

Cameron Deeb

Destination: St. Maarten

Dates of travel: October 22 – November 6, 2016

Your Experience: From the moment we began planning our trip to Europe, Katie has been so helpful and diligent in the entire process. With her expertise and our inexperience in traveling abroad, she provided us with choices in destinations, accommodations as well as daily activities and dining suggestions. Her prior research into accommodations and suggestions for things to do in each location was amazing and certainly made our 15 day trip to Europe an unforgettable trip of a lifetime.

What did you love? Katie’s organizational skills are over the top. Every hotel, flight and even ticket reservations were made ahead of time by Katie. A completed itinerary and all confirmations were bound into a book for us to easily refer to and use while traveling. A PDF of the itinerary was also saved into our iBooks for easy reference as well. Katie’s encouragement and counsel were exemplary.

What would you do differently? I can’t imagine doing anything differently. Perfect planning by Katie and a perfect trip.

Marlene Sallee

Destination: Rome, Italy | Budapest, Hungary | Split, Croatia

Dates of travel: June 25-July 5, 2016

Your Experience: My new husband and I decided to travel to Iceland for our honeymoon and it was absolutely incredible! Without Katie we would not have been able to go on such an incredible trip. She helped with so much of the planning and research which made preparing for the trip effortless.

What did you love? We absolutely loved the Blue Lagoon. We felt so spoiled floating around with a drink in our hand. That was when we truly felt like we were on our honeymoon! We loved it so much that we rearranged our schedule to go a second time! We also fell in love with Reykjavik, the capital. We could have spent our entire trip there. Iceland’s landscape was also just incredible. It was so green and beautiful! My husband and I miss the green very much now that we are back home in Southern California.

What would you do differently? Although we chose to do the Ring Road, I think we underestimated how much time we would be in the car. It was tough having to stay in a different place every night as well. I don’t think we really knew what we were getting into when we arrived in Iceland. The drive was incredible, but we were completely exhausted at the end of the trip. Next time I would definitely look more into how long each stop would take and how long we would be driving that day.

Erin Methvin

Destination: Ring Road, Iceland

Dates of travel: June 11-19, 2016

Your experience: We had a fantastic experience! Katie’s itinerary was super helpful and everything went very smoothly.

What did you love? I loved hiking on the Glacier, going to Jokusarlon and visiting the Westman Island! I felt that we got to do most of the highlights of Iceland in one week!

What would you do differently? I would possibly look more at lodging that was not so hostel-like. I also may have wanted to be more prepared about how expensive the food & drink would be.

Leigh Mascolino

Destination: Ring Road, Iceland

Dates of travel: June 5-12, 2016

Your Experience: This was the first time out of the country for both of us. We loved being surrounded by the island life as well as the predominant English vacationers.

What did you love? We loved how hospitable the Barbadian people were. Not to mention they love their rum and are a proud people.

What would you do differently? The only thing we would do differently is to stay long than a week. It was not long enough to explore all there was to offer.

Leslie Anderson

Destination: Bridgetown, Barbados

Dates of travel: May 29-June 8, 2016

Your experience: The absolute best. Katie was everything we could have asked for in a travel agent. She gave us options, knew what we were going for, and was willing to help us have the best trip possible even if that mean’s texting her in a panic at 3:00 AM. Our trip would have been nothing without her.

What did you love? Katie’s willingness to help us in areas we weren’t comfortable with, and for having our back in a few times of need abroad really solidified our love for her and her services. She’s the best all around.

What would you do differently? Not a thing.

Benjamin & McKenzie Rich

Destination: Folegandros, Greece

Dates of travel: May 23-June 6, 2016

Your Experience: I had an incredible trip! Thanks to My World Travel, my friend and I were able to visit all sites on our list in just 7 days! Katie went above and beyond to make sure we were taken care of, from finding an amazing private tour guide/driver in Cyprus, to arranging site tours and airport transportation. She was a great resource, and if she was unsure about something she found out who to contact and got us answers. I highly recommend My World Travel to anyone thinking about traveling!

What did you love? I loved the personalized experience provided by My World Travel. Katie was friendly and encouraging throughout the whole planning experience, when it otherwise might have been very stressful. She was very timely in getting back to us, and made sure she was available even during our trip when we were in a different time zone.

What would you do differently? I probably would have planned a bit more time to get to the airport on one particular leg of our journey. Our bus ended up being over 30 minutes late, which we did not leave time for. Luckily, we were able to get a fast taxi driver for the 30 minute drive to the airport from the bus station. We ended up making all of our flights, but it would have been nice to not be so rushed on that leg. Other than that, I’m not sure I would change anything!

Grace Wepler

Destination: Cyprus; Meteora, Greece; Santorini, Greece

Dates of travel: May 19-June 4, 2016

Your experience: Katie did a terrific job managing my group of 18 and my second group of 11 with multiple locations, tours, activities, winieries, shopping, transportation and restaurant reservations.

What did you love? Everything! Katie’s organizational skills made everything flawless. The trip “master” file kept me prepared and covered all details of the three weeks. We loved all the accommodation s Katie found for us–especially the villas.

What would you do differently? Not rent a nine person van in Italy. Too hard to drive and very difficult roads.

Anne Hollan

Destination: Rome, Florence, and Sorrento, Italy

Dates of travel: April 25 – July 28, 2016

Your Experience: Apparently I’ve been doing things wrong all my life! Working with Katie and My World Travel made travel arrangements so easy and pain free I’m ready to plan my next trip before I’ve even left for this one.

What did you love? I think Katie was as excited as I am about my trip. Made ye planning all the more enjoyable.

What would you do differently? I wouldn’t have waited so long to get My World Travel involved in my planning.

Jimmy Flaherty

Destination: Kigali, Rwanda

Dates of Travel: March 13-19, 2016

Your Experience: Amazing! I’m ready to go back 🙂 Who can complain?

What did you love? The resort, Vidanta Grand Mayan was a destination of its own, and the itinerary that Katie put together for us was top notch and care-free on my end. Thank goodness, because this was a family trip and it’s hard to please the age range from 9-64! Nailed it.

What would you do differently? Stay one more day. Get pesos from the bank before leaving (usually I just pull from the local ATM on international travel so it’s cheapest but this time in the commotion to the shuttle, I forgot to do it!).

Tara Ruttley

Destination: Mayan Riviera

Date of travel: October 13-17, 2015

Your Experience: Katie was exceptional! She planned our four days in Kentucky perfectly. The purpose of our trip was to visit the bourbon distilleries and experience as much of America’s bourbon culture as we could. She also assisted to organise return transport from Lexington as we also went to a college football game. Katie always answered all our enquiries promptly and clearly, and planned our experience to our budget. Nothing was too much trouble and she always presented multiple options for us to choose from.

What did you love? We loved every moment in Kentucky, it was definitely one of the highlights on our trip to America. Not only did Katie organise the tours of the distilleries and transport back from the UK football game, she also made recommendations on where to eat and stay and other attractions to see whilst in town. We loved the distilleries she recommended with Makers Mark being my favourite!

What would you do differently? The only thing we would change is to spend more time in Kentucky so we could visit all the bourbon distilleries! When we return, we will certainly contact Katie again to organise our itinerary and transport! I would recommend Katie to anyone looking to book a trip in Kentucky!

Liz Bennett (Australia)

Destination: Louisville, KY

Date of Travel: August 28-September 2, 2015

Your Experience: Katie is as delightful and enthusiastic as she is smart, accountable and travel savvy.

What did you love? We loved Katie’s ability to synthesize our dreams and goals, as she helped us save time in planning and coordinating logistics. We had a great, whirlwind trip to New York City! Katie’s kind and efficient help was integral.

What would you do differently? Nothing!

Kristy Hubert

Destination: New York City, NY

Date of Travel: July 29-31, 2015

Your Experience: My trip was amazing. I’m not a structured tourist, I like options that give me the flexibility to explore while making sure the “can’t miss” stops are planned. My World Travel via Katie provided exactly what I needed to make my trip perfect for me.

What did you love? Living for two weeks in London as a tourist and getting a great local cultural vibe that let me experience the non-touristy, cosmopolitan city within my budget.

What would you do differently? Stay longer and explore more.

Jan Walther

Destination: London, England

Date of Travel: June 21-July 11, 2015

Your Experience: I ran into Katie at this buy local festival in Louisville; as a graduating high school student, I didn’t have the time, experience, or scope to map out my  road trip. I talked to her and got in touch pretty easily. Immediately I felt her enthusiasm for my trip and this would continue throughout our planning. The schedule/itinerary she mapped out for us was easy to follow and comforting when we were spending long, uncertain hours on the road. Altogether pleasant!

What did you love? I loved (and needed) Katie’s enthusiasm here. Before departing for my 8000 mile journey, I was surrounded by friends and family that did NOT want me to go. They thought there were too many risks involved, too many things left up in the air. Katie made my whole plan much more tangible and, frankly, gave me the courage to follow through with my plan.

Also, if your trip includes Portland, Oregon, take it from both Katie and I: go to dinner at Pok Pok!!!

What would you do differently? I would allot more time to stay in each place. Unfortunately, both Katie (and I) underestimated how much time I would need for departure each day and time to spend in each place. But I suppose that is natural when covering so much ground in so little time.

Seth Stevens

Destination: US Perimeter Road Trip

Date of Travel: April 3-9, 2015

Your Experience: My boyfriend and I spent 5 days at Riu Palace Los Americas in Cancun for spring break.

What did you love? I loved everything about our trip… the all inclusive amenities, the amazing food, the pool, the beach, the weather, the culture, and of course the always lovely and welcoming people of Mexico.

What would you do differently? I would stay longer and try to take more day trips to other cities. Next time I go I will definitively travel to Tulum for the day.

Maja Salipur

Destination: Cancun, Mexico

Date of travel: February 17-25, 2015

Your Experience: My daughter was going to be studying in Spain for a semester and I wanted to go visit her and check things out. Katie put together a great travel itinerary. She suggested day trips with bus schedules, things to do and see for each. She booked me in some great authentic Spanish hotels in just the locations that I wanted to be. She was always available to help me with last minute changes and always responded to all my questions both in the planning stages and while I was in Spain.

What did you love? The small town feel. The cobblestone streets. Everyone walking everywhere. The little cafes serving great paella and wine!

What would you do differently? My daughter and I worked around her class schedule, so we did not have large amounts of free time.  Wish we could have explored more of the surrounding country.

Rose Brown

Destination: Seville, Spain

Date of travel: December 21-29, 2014

Your Experience: Katie was introduced to me through a friend, and I am so glad that I met her! Her planning really helped facilitate my trip in many ways, and saved me a lot of time. She helped my family and I figure out where to stay in Istanbul and Cappadocia, as well as emailed the hotel people for us when we had questions. Her list of places to go really helped narrow down which sights we wanted to see too.

What did you love? The thing I loved best about using Katie, was how she narrowed down all the choices of what area to stay in, where to go, etc. She saved me so much time!! I loved that, since we both had iPhones, I could imessage her from Turkey and she was able to reply with very little time lag. I would definitely use her again.

What would you do differently? I would read up more on foods and places to eat!

Di-Hoa Le

Destination: Istanbul and Cappadocia, Turkey

Date of travel: December 21-29, 2014

Your Experience: After deciding to spend some of our Christmas break in Costa Rica, my boyfriend and I set out to plan the trip all on our own. Every time I got online to research places to go, things to see and do…I would get frustrated after about 30 minutes and close the laptop. AJ and I have both traveled in Europe and we thought that planning a trip to Costa Rica, a country we both knew nothing about, would be as easy as a couple of Google searches – as if we were planning a trip to Paris. It didn’t take long to figure out that planning a trip to a country we knew zero about, a country so diverse as Costa Rica, was nothing like planning a trip to Europe. In came Katie to save the day! I honestly believe that if we hadn’t turned to Katie, we would not have gone on our trip to Costa Rica.

Once I filled out the questionnaire on My World Travel, Katie emailed me less than 24 hours later. She asked us questions about what we were hoping to see and do and get out of our experience in Costa Rica. Once we sent our responses, Katie had a preliminary plan for us within a couple of days – my mind was blown…I was convinced she was magic. Katie was a breeze to work with, so accommodating and patient when AJ and I changed our minds about which part of Costa Rica we wanted to visit.

Thanks to Katie’s itinerary , once we landed in San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, we knew exactly how to get to the bus station and which bus to take…after a five hour bus ride to the coast, we started our trip in paradise. Again, thanks to Katie’s suggestions, we stayed with the nicest people imaginable, ate the best Caribbean food, swam and soaked up the sun on the best beaches, and had the best Costa Rican experience possible.

AJ and I owe Katie so much for making our adventure come to life!

What did you love? We loved the ease and aesthetics of the My World Travel website. We LOVED working with Katie – she is the definition of accessible and accommodating. We really loved our detailed itinerary and kept it with us and referenced it often throughout our trip.

What would you do differently? Next time I will contact Katie right away to avoid of month of frustrated googling 🙂

Devin Roos

Destination: Puerto Viejo, Manzanillo, Punta Uva, and San Jose - Costa Rica

Date of travel: December 22-26, 2014

Your Experience: I took my husband to Rome as a surprise Christmas gift this year. Although I decided to secretly plan the trip months in advance, daily chores and a packed schedule make clandestine travel planning tricky. Katie helped me put together an itinerary based on both mine and mine husband’s personal taste. We’re budget world travelers, and to be honest, have never used any type of travel service before. Katie was not only professional but enthusiastic, and keep in close touch throughout the planning process. I would use her services again for any travel situation.

What did you love? Loved our first meal on a tiny side street close to Piazza Navona. Talked with some locals who were impressed with our good taste, and at our ability to find a local gem.
The Vatican Museum…wow
The Pope’s Christmas address and the military regalia that proceeded it.
Candlelit Christmas Eve service at midnight.
Elegant Romans

What would you do differently? If we had stayed just a couple days longer then I would have purchases a Roma Card from the tourist office and got a discount on all the major museum tickets.

Tiffany Ross

Destination: Rome, Italy

Date of travel: October 21-November 1, 2014

Your Experience: We had an incredible honeymoon to Italy and COULD NOT have done it without Katie’s help.  Well, maybe we could have done it, but it wouldn’t have been nearly as organized and as flawless.  I was in the midst of wedding planning craziness, and she helped me put together an itinerary for our 3 city, 12-day trip.  She was even helpful when the Lufthansa pilots went on strike and we got stuck in Frankfurt.  She let the hotel and the rental car company know that we would be there a day late.  We had many of our museum tickets a head of time which seems to be the way to do it in Italy now.  Katie really took care of EVERYTHING and had us greeted in Positano with a cheese board and vino to welcome us on our honeymoon.  She was so thoughtful and really helped us make our honeymoon special and unforgettable.

What did you love? I loved how Katie gave some great tips for activities for the trip and the itinerary that she sent us was so wonderful to have with us as we were traveling around Italy.  I also loved how she helped us with our hotel search by narrowing down options for us in each city.

What would you do differently? Our room in Rome was not quite what we expected especially for our honeymoon.  It was a tiny and dark room in a place that used to be a convent.  A good hotel for travelers, but not a good honeymoon hotel.

Kassandra Kocoshis

Destination: Positano, Rome, and Florence, Italy

Date of travel: September 26-30, 2014

Your Experience: As a last minute work assignment, I was stressing over how to put together some of the highlights in Madrid with the limited 48 hour period I had before coming back to the US. I was put in touch with Katie a mere 10 days before my departure and, having never met personally, she put together an amazing experience for me – flawlessly. The amount of energy, communication, excitement, flexibility, and passion she bought to my trip is unparalleled. Being a veteran of the travel and tourism industry myself, customer service and attention to detail are so important but the skill of being anticipatory of your client’s needs is a gift.

As times and my overall needs changed, Katie was never more than a quickly responded to email away — always with a solution of a better suggestion. The number of sites and experiences I saw would not have even been on my radar screen without her help much less the ability to plot it out in advance. From dining and museums to art and scenic biking routes — I cannot imagine traveling overseas or on a major trip without utilizing Katie’s services again.

What did you love? Everything.  The sites, culinary experiences, history — beautiful city easily accessible to American visitors.

What would you do differently? I would probably wake up on time to not oversleep my pre-schedule bike tour 🙂

Corey Peterson

Destination: Madrid, Spain