Get to Know My World Travel


What My World Travel Is

A travel consultant
As a travel consultant, My World Travel (MWT) gets to know each traveler individually and takes the weight of the travel research off your shoulders. From any point in your planning process, MWT can take over and help provide the efficient, organized planning tools you need. Don’t have enough time to book everything yourself? We can handle that! Just need a list of amazing things to do in your destination city? No problem. We are at your service.

$$$: A project fee will be mutually agreed upon before beginning the planning process – 50% will be due 6 months out from your trip, and the balance will be due by your departure date.

Culturally immersive
MWT was designed as a way to help give travelers a culturally-enhanced experience anywhere on the globe. Take an adventure and learn how to live like a local, with the locals.

To MWT, travel is a form of conflict resolution. The more people you meet and the more cultures you experience, the better. We also know travel is an important change of pace from everyday life and that everyone’s style of relaxation and unplugging is different. We’re here to help you find your favorite method.


What My World Travel Is Not

A Travel “Agency”

My World Travel is a certified LLC but is not part of a travel agency franchise. Travel agencies provide public services on behalf of certain suppliers such as attractions, airlines, car rental agencies, cruise lines, etc. MWT does not act on behalf of such suppliers, but includes them in the research and options. We not receive special “packages” for vacations (but we can help you find those, if desired!) and we are not tied to certain partnerships within the travel industry. No set commissions, no nothin’. There are many benefits to booking with a travel agency, however, including agency-issued trip insurance and one-stop-shop trips.

MWT will do anything you’d like to help empower you to smartly travel abroad. However, the suggestions we make for travel are simply educated suggestions. All suggestions should be thoroughly reviewed by the traveler and any actions/bookings made and adherence to specific government regulations are at the will of the traveler.